Can I bring my pet?
Of course! We love pets.
Can I bring my own furniture?
Absolutely. This is your home to do with as you please. We can even help you furnish it if you like.
Is parking available?
Most of our homes have on-site parking available. To find out if the home you are interested in does, please enquire using this form.
What services are included in my rent?
Living in a CitizenG property you will benefit from: 
- Minimum one hour per week CitizenG concierge service.  This is your time to do with as you please - you may want help with your IT, some advice on booking a holiday, or just enjoy having a chat with one of our friendly staff. 
- All home maintenance 
In-home technology - allows you to connect with your loved ones or the CitizenG team in a simple sofa-to-sofa video chat setting.  This can be customised as you please. 
- 24/7 emergency call service in case of a fall, ill health or panic. 
- ‘All-in-one’ bundled bill - taking care of all of those different bills in one place 
- Manned reception desk - a friendly face and help with postal or package handling 
- Access to all of the scheme amenity spaces 
- 24/7 on-site security at all times 
- CitizenG member exclusive events, activities and trips.  A great way to meet other like-minded people. 
- Partnerships with local interest groups (for example University of the Third Age, U3A) 
- Partnerships with national organisations, offering discounts to members for services such as Independent Financial Advice (IFA), health insurance and holiday bookings. 
All of these services are provided at no extra cost. 

If you wish, our concierge service allows for you to add on extra services as and when you may want them.  We can assist you with ANY task you wish.  Some services which our customers enjoy are: 
- Home cleaning 
- Laundry 
- Homecare support 
- Home adaptations in the event of changes in physical mobility 
- Management and/or sale of previous home 
- Health-technology upgrades: eg fall detection, inactivity monitoring, health & wellbeing metrics.
Do you provide care? 
We ourselves are not care providers and are not CQC registered.  However, we work with a number of Outstanding rated Homecare providers and if you do need care, we can help you find the right care package, manage the care routine and help you with all of the associated costs and billings.  This is all part of our concierge service. 
How is CitizenG able to offer all of the same services as retirement homes and assisted living developments but at a much more affordable price?
Firstly, we work with Build-to-Rent developer partners who are building large schemes for mixed communities.  The diverse product and scale of the development significantly brings down the cost of construction compared to building small schemes in isolated locations specifically designed just for older people.  It also makes the properties more energy efficient and decreases the operational costs of property management. 

Secondly, by using on-site personnel for the property management and scheme customer service, but our technology for our age-friendly concierge service and local partners for delivery of specific tasks (eg homecare, cleaning, laundry services etc), we are able to bring down the cost of providing these services.  A traditional retirement home will have a team in-person staff, many of which are under-utilised and only there to help with a specific need.  This can lead to a culture of dependence and comes at huge overhead cost.  By adopting a hybrid in-person and digital approach, we can provide the same level of service but at the point when the customer needs support, not before.  

CitizenG provides great properties, with all the services older adults need but delivered within traditional housing developments which contain multi-generational communities.  Being able to deliver all of this at such an affordable price point is why we are fast becoming the number one choice for older adults looking to move home.  
I have a PR / media enquiry
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